"The Sound Of Amsterdam" Jump Video Contest

We want to make an official Music Video with YOU! We would like you to Jump to my new song "The Sound Of Amsterdam" and make a high quality video. We will then choose the 10 best ones and include them in the official Music Video. When you sign up, you can download the mp3. To sign up, please follow the steps below. You have to login with Facebook, and you must have "liked" my official "Patrick Jumpen" Facebook page as well as my new page "Patrick Jumpen at Lower East Side Records".

Sign up & download the mp3

Step 1: Login with Facebook

Filming Instructions

Location, location, location

We want to see your country! Pick an outdoor location, a place where we can really see what country you live in. Maybe there's a famous landmark near you, or a beautiful landscape, or a streetsign in your language... Show us a place near your home that you would love the world to see!

Make sure you look good!

This is your chance to be famous.. Put on your best clothes, get a haircut if you need one - and if you Jump with a friend or friends, make sure they look good too. Millions will see your clip, better to wait a day until the hairdresser has time or your clothes are dry than to look bad. And put on some colors!

Film when the sun is out

Your video will look much better and sharper when there is a lot of light. Even with a cheap camera, when there is enough sun your video will look much better.

Take your time until you get it right

Don't just make a quick movie and upload it right away. Take a good look: are you really happy? Is the camera not shaking? Is everything in focus? If you think you can do it better do it again, and again, and again. Maybe you like to edit it on a computer. Then it is better to render/export it in the highest quality and wait for that then to be quick and get a low quality video. The better the quality, the more beautiful the location, the more chance you have of winning the contest!

Solo ? Duo ? Crew ? Sidejump ? Hardjump ? Oldschool ?

There is only one general rule: have fun. It doesnt matter how good you are or what style you have; we will do the video editing in a way that it will all appear like a flow; no matter how good or bad you are; have fun! You can't jump or you're just beginning and you think you are not good enough yet? Then do something else! Lipsync to the rap of Club Idol, ask your girlfriend to make sexy moves into the camera, whatever!

When you're done..

Don't put any titles or other text in your video. If you're creative with graphics, you can do that - but we cannot use parts with text. Upload your video to YouTube. Then come back to this page and there will be a field where you can submit your YouTube URL. You have until next weekend (September 16) to do this. All videos will be visible on a special Jump Video Contest YouTube Channel You can make more than one video, there is no limitation, you can submit as many as you want. On Wednesday the 19th we will choose the winners. When you win, we will ask you to send us your original video so we can use it when we edit the official Music Video.


Jeroen Flamman from the record label will be available to answer questions, please don't send messages to me on Facebook, because I am not always online and will not have time to answer everybody. If you have questions, or if you have problems with signing up or downloading the MP3, you can contact Jeroen at: